Children’s Ministries

Jim & Ester live in Santiago, Chile, a city of seven million people where 70% of all babies are born outside a marriage. Thousands of children are growing up without a father, and many suffer the evils of poverty, malnutrition, abandonment and physical and sexual abuse.

Ester is founder and director of the Santiago Children’s Ministries Outreach Center, also known in Spanish as “Mundo del Amigo Invisible”, [the World of our Invisible Friend] – a ministry that reaches out to children, especially those in high risk situations.  Many of the children we minister to are the offspring of prostitution, kids who are growing up in an environment impacted by  alcoholism, drug abuse and violence. The Lord has led us to develop a variety of approaches to win them for Christ and help them overcome their cruel beginnings.


Evangelism and Discipleship
Every Sunday we host the “World of Our Invisible Friend Club” – a fun-filled afternoon with all sorts of activities, games, exercise, snacks, Bible study and worship for children ages 1-12. Kids are bused in and served a hot lunch so they can get in on all the fun and learn about Jesus. Children are coming to Christ, being filled with His Spirit and discovering God’s will for their lives. Our commitment is to see them achieve all that God has for them.

House of Refuge
Tragically, child abuse and trafficking is a real and growing problem in Santiago. With the Lord’s help we have been able to rescue several children from this scourge and assume their legal custody, placing them in foster care with one of our member families. These and a growing number of other kids living in needy circumstances are blessed by our “House of Refuge” ministry which provides parenting, shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care.




Summer camps & Christmas
Summertime and Christmas time can be sad times for children at risk. Every January or February (Southern hemisphere Summertime) we take a group of these kids to a terrific campgrounds on the Pacific Ocean coast for a time of fun in the surf and Sun, and of drawing closer to Christ. In addition to that, every year our ministry puts on a big Christmas program, and gives a nice present to every child participant in our ministry – for many, that is the only Christmas present they receive. We welcome sponsors for our camping and Christmas ministries. To help, donate to our account, Class 46.


Please take a look at this brief 3 minute video about our Children’s Ministries Outreach Center.
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Jim & Ester are building a Church / School complex of buildings to house the Outreach Center.

Think of this as a church, a school, and a rescue mission for abused kids all rolled up into one. Funds and volunteer construction teams are urgently needed.

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