How to Help

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Thank you for taking an interest in our efforts to reach children and raise up leaders in Latin America. Ours is a faith-based ministry, which relies on the faithful prayers and financial support of committed partners who share our same beliefs and vision.


You can help us in the following three vital ways:

1. PRAY.

Please pray for us regularly.  We understand that unless the Lord builds this ministry, we labor in vain.  Pray for wisdom in our leadership;  pray for the children we minister to. If at some time the Holy Spirit should awaken or move you to pray for us in an unexpected way, please do so.


Please stay in touch.  Remain aware of how we are doing by visiting our Facebook page (Jim and Ester Mazurek Missions)  and our website for updates about our ministry. Share your email address with us to receive our E-Newsletters. We enjoy connecting with Sunday schools and church groups via SKYPE (719 355 8243). Let’s keep in touch.

3. GIVE.

Doing ministry requires money, there is no way around that.  Working in Chile presents special financial challenges, such as $6.50 for a gallon of gas. Your generous, faithful, monthly financial support is vital.  We need the help of faithful partners who may help sustain the following ministries:

  • Children’s Ministry Outreach Center Construction (class 60) Offerings designated for this class go towards buy building material and paying the wages of hired construction workers as we move forward in the construction of the Santiago ministry center. Monies can also be sent to this class towards the purchase of property for our second Childrens Outreach Center, located in Rancagua, Chile.
  • General Fund (class 00)  Monies sent to the  General Fund go towards the cost of our housing, utilities, transportation, office, staff, and all necessary  supplies and equipment  for our work in Chile and throughout Latin America.  During 2015,2016 we are need to raise $2,000 in monthly General Fund support to meet budget.
  • Children’s Christmas and Summer Camp Fund (class 46) Offerings sent to this class are disbursed for the specific purpose of funding our annual December Christmas programs and our January Summer camping programs. All these programs bless children at risk who seldom enjoy anything like it.
  •  Institute of Ministerial Enrichment (class 72) Financial support is needed in this class to fund Jim’s airfares and participation as director and instructor at advanced ministerial training seminars carried out throughout all of Latin America, including Cuba. Partners who believe strongly in the importance of Christian education and training are needed.

Monthly pledges and one-time offerings may be safely made right here on this page.  Just click on the link  “AG Giving” below.  Please be certain to indicate the class number of your preference.  You may also mail your offering check directly to: Assemblies of God World Missions, 1445 Boonville Ave. Springfield, MO 65803. Be sure to memo your check with, “Jim Mazurek, account 238874” and any class specification you prefer (00, 46, 60 or 72). All your gifts are tax-deductible. Thank you very much.

We need and welcome your partnership and prayer and financial support.
To make a financial contribution please click here:



Thank you for your help.  May God richly bless you for it!