Fire in the Santiago’s Children Outreach Center!!!

I am in Paraguay, but yesterday morning a terrible thing happened at our Children’s Ministries Outreach Center. Fire broke out in our neighbor’s house at around 4 am. The entire house was burned to the ground, and two women, ages 51 and 84 perished. The fire moved onto our property, where we have bathrooms and a laundry area that extend to the property line. Fire scorched our rafters. The metal roof over our temporary sanctuary was so heated that all the wiring to our sound speakers and video projection were melted. Nevertheless, the sanctuary did not catch on fire. We have some fire and water damage but it can all be repaired. Moving around within our smoke-filled building, firemen broke down doors seeking for possible victims and broke through our roof to direct their water hoses towards the neighbor’s home. With Christmas coming up, we need to fix all these things soon, so we can host our annual Christmas celebration for kids at risk.

Please pray for our neighbor and his family, as well as for our membership, and lead pastor Daniel Rojas, as we tackle this new challenge. We praise the Lord that our building was not also consumed in the 40 ft flames. Our new sanctuary complex, now under construction is all brick and reinforced concrete and will be entirely fire and earthquake resistant. Thank you for your prayers.

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Fire - November 2014
Fire – November 2014